While Junior has certainly taken to walking like a duck to water, his preferred method of transportation continues to be via someone else’s feet.


Preferably at the highest elevation possible.

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Well, it looked like a crib

To the tired baby that just wants to nap, without actually missing any of the action…


Hey, if it’s got a flat bottom and four sides, it must a crib, right?


It even reclines!


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Boredom relief

What to do while Dad’s chaining up the van wheels?


Head for the hills!



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Foiling the towel thief

First, it was Natter.  He couldn’t crawl – or toddle – past the oven without yanking down off the dishtowel and leaving it on the floor.

Once he outgrew that phase, it was Rosebud, who would not only remove the towel from the bar but from the kitchen entirely.  I would discover this just after washing my hands, and look in vain, dripping, for the missing cloth.

I took a bunch of towels and sewed in buttonholes and buttons, but really, who has time for that?  Plus, they yank it hard enough and the button pops out anyway.

But no longer!  Now that I’m on towel thief #4, I have found an answer.

The components:


Towel, block (or small toy too large to fit between the towel rack/handle and the oven), and ponytail holder (or rubber band, but the ponytail holder lasts longer.)


Wrap the block in the towel.  I do it in the corner to have as much towel as possible left hanging.  Fasten securely with ponytail holder.


Feed the towel up through the towel holder so that the block is trapped underneath.


Let the towel drape over the front of the bar.



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The toddler’s soporific

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Junior:  “I drink till I pass out.”

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It might be time…

It might be time to change your ‘Baby on Board’ sign when it’s so old and sun-bleached that it matches your vehicle.


Just sayin’.

Much better.

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Roasted Squash Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are all well and good… but for a truly delicate, pop-in-your-mouth seed, roast the ones from an acorn squash.

First, scoop them out of the middle of the squash, and remove most of the goo.

Then, boil for 10 minutes in a couple of cups of water, with a teaspoon of salt.

Spread on an ungreased cookie sheet.  Spray with oil and sprinkle with salt.  Bake at 350° for 10-20 minutes, until golden brown.


And don’t tell the kids.



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