Rock Hounding





It took four days, but the pasture now has visible dirt between the rocks.  We used a Bobcat landscape rake (“Rock Hound”) attached to a skidsteer.  The difference is nothing short of amazing.

Contrast between the harrowed field and the first pass:


… then we applied 3 tons of lime.  Next was 500 lbs. fertilizer, and then 150 lbs. seed, and now we are hopefully finished reconditioning our pasture!

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Our daughter is baptized!

For her birthday, Rosebud wanted a trip to her uncle’s house.  She wanted to milk the goats and study the Bible with him.  (He’s a preacher.)

On Sunday morning, after his sermon, she went forward and was baptized!


Some comedic relief – the water in the baptistery used to be freezing.  After one older member insisted on warm water for his baptism, they hooked up an insta-hot to the water line, and fill it with fresh warm water for each baptism.

This time – it was HOT!  So Mr. Caffienated and Rosebud did the confession on the steps, and the actual baptism was done at warp speed for fear of overheating… so no great photos or video of this one, folks.

We are very grateful to welcome our dear daughter as our new sister in Christ!

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What we do for the sake of science…

This is an edible cell.  Of sorts.


Made with Jell-O, representing the cytoplasm, and various candies representing the organelles.  We have a couple of pages of notes on the various parts of the cell, and which candies represent them.

Did you know that M&Ms, while they may not melt in your hand, will melt in Jell-O?




I’m not sure I’d label it edible…

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The Park

We visited a new park on the way to church a week ago.  It used to be a golf course, but it’s being converted to a neighborhood park.  No play equipment, but the kids loved exploring all the hills.


My apologies for the long silence; we’ve been rockhounding and getting ready to reseed the pasture, and it has been all-consuming!

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This is why I didn’t plant a garden this summer.


“I’m so offended.  Leaving!”


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End of summer insanity

Most of the moms I know are currently driving themselves bats by worrying about school starting soon. I’m in that crowd, too – although my current worry is that I won’t find time to sit down and work out our pace in our new curriculum before we need to start using it, rather than worrying about finding the right jeans or sneakers before the first day starts.

My biggest headache at the moment is rocks. Lots and lots and lots of rocks. All of which need to be taken out of the pasture before we can fertilize and seed. We borrowed a flexible harrow rake mat thingy from the neighbor. It turns up the soil about two inches down, and pops all the big ones up to the surface. Which is all well and good… but that means that we have even MORE rocks. Everything softball size and larger must be hand-picked before we can rock hound the field, and what with butchering this weekend and Mr. Caffeinated working 80-hour weeks all summer long, plus the usual canning and preserving… I am in dire need of a vacation! School – even homeschooling – if I can just do that, sounds like a vacation in comparison.

I’m just praying that we can get the ground work done before the rains start, and then some sorting out around the house… and then I want to just take a few weeks and be a homeschooling mom and not a homesteader.

And people wonder why farmer-types like winter!

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Our boy gets baptized

My oldest son was baptized this morning! Mr. Caffeinated did the honors, with coaching from the wings on his lines. We’ve been studying for quite some time, and after many family studies, Bible camp, and input from many Sunday School and Wednesday evening programs, he finally decided to take the plunge, so to speak.

baptized boy compressed

We’re very proud and thankful. God is good!

To watch the video, click here.

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