Everything looks prettier with snow…

I love the look of our road after it snows.  Particularly since it was still driveable when it was all said and done.


The chicken tractors are hanging out by the fenceline, waiting for spring.




But the woodpile just lurks, waiting for us to get back to it.



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Lawn Ornaments

When we seeded the pasture, we were advised to mow it when it reached 6 inches tall.  However, it’s much too muddy out there now to run any sort of equipment over it; we’d just leave huge ruts.

Fortunately, the local wildlife has decided to help us keep the grass under control.


They are out there every day.  Some days, they’re out there all day.  Momma, plus two babies.  They will come up to within 20 feet of the house.  They glare at you if you walk up to them, but they don’t bother leaving unless you’re within about 10 feet.  I’ve had one stand in the driveway while I’m driving up to it, with this look on its face as if to say, “Really.  You’re going to make me move?  Honestly, the things I put up with…”


I think we’ve had more neighbors stop and take pictures of our property since the grass grew than any other time.  The deer have a fan club.


My favorite question, though, came from a visitor from in town.

“Are those, like, you know, real REAL deer?”


“Like, live, real, wild deer?”


“That is just so cool.”

“Yep.”  Although, it does mean that any garden that I plan for spring had better have high security fencing, or I’m doomed.

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Kauai coastline

While we were on Kauai, we took a catamaran tour with Holo Holo to see the coastline.

For this, we got up at 4:30 AM in order to be at the dock on time.  If you know me, you know this comes under the heading “Almost Impossible”, but nevertheless, we did make it.  Early, no less.

It was So Worth It.


Sunrise, looking at the wake behind the boat. We were really moving, too – over 25 knots! Glad I took my jacket.



Spinner dolphins. We slowed WAY down and drifted through a whole pod. Spinner dolphins don’t survive in captivity, so you can only see them do their cool spinning leaps in the wild.


Napali cliffs as the sun rose over them.


Having myself a great old time. No worries about seasickness here! I wanted more waves, the bigger the better!

5more napali

The colors of the coastline were just… and the cliffs! We were dwarfed.


What a way to celebrate 20 years of marriage!


Mr. Caffeinated, looking fierce. Must not have had that third cup of coffee yet.


Sea cave. Massive. We motored right up into this thing. You could have lost several semi trucks in there and had space for more.


More coastline. Some of this was actually farmed at one time.


The island, playing peekaboo over the horizon.


A keyhole in the cliff of the “forbidden island” of Niihau. It’s privately owned; you can’t land there without permission.


We snorkeled just off the coast of Niihau. The water was this amazing color… and so nice and warm.


Returning to Kauai. The patchwork of farms on the coastline contrasted with the mountain in the middle of the island.


Wouldn’t this be a beautiful place to farm?


The catamaran boat.

The tour was a blast.  We had a great time.  If I were to go again, I’d try to find a boat that had more outside seating on the sides and in the rear, but the tour was SO very well worth it!

I enjoyed our white-water rafting trip near Mazama years ago, and everything else on water since then gets compared to that.  This was, in comparison, pretty tame… I would have loved to have had larger waves.  We were told by the crew that it was an unusually calm day.

It was really neat to see the cliffs from both the air and the water.  I don’t think I would have enjoyed hiking them, unless I was 20 again.

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Not sure about the white stuff


Daddy? Not sure I’m liking this “snow” thing.


Found snow in the Pass coming back from Thanksgiving.

“Yes, Daddy, this is a MUCH better angle to appreciate it from.”


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Natter and Rosebud were SO happy to see snow on the way to Thanksgiving.  They packed their snow gear in a bin in the back of the van in hopes that there would be a reason to use it in the pass.



It may have been pouring down rain – and it was – but they made the most of it.

Soaked and happy, they were content to journey to their next Destination of Note:  Ellensburg Perkins, which has their current vote for Best Belgian Waffles.

Going to Eastern Washington:  it’s not a drive, it’s an Excursion.

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Laying Hens

My hens are so weird.  The temperature drops to 60, and they go from laying 5 eggs a day to 2 or 3.

Then the temperature precipitously drops to freezing, and it snows.  And what do I get?


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Girls’ Afternoon Out

Rosebud and I have a new tradition, if doing something twice makes it a tradition.

Every onceinawhile, we take a Girls Afternoon and go do some window shopping, buy some Nutritionally Irresponsible treats, and generally hang out.


The piece de resistance this time was the nearly-two-foot-long gummy snake purchased at the candy store:


Now, of course, everyone wants one.

Hurray for girl time!


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