The Park

We visited a new park on the way to church a week ago.  It used to be a golf course, but it’s being converted to a neighborhood park.  No play equipment, but the kids loved exploring all the hills.


My apologies for the long silence; we’ve been rockhounding and getting ready to reseed the pasture, and it has been all-consuming!

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This is why I didn’t plant a garden this summer.


“I’m so offended.  Leaving!”


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End of summer insanity

Most of the moms I know are currently driving themselves bats by worrying about school starting soon. I’m in that crowd, too – although my current worry is that I won’t find time to sit down and work out our pace in our new curriculum before we need to start using it, rather than worrying about finding the right jeans or sneakers before the first day starts.

My biggest headache at the moment is rocks. Lots and lots and lots of rocks. All of which need to be taken out of the pasture before we can fertilize and seed. We borrowed a flexible harrow rake mat thingy from the neighbor. It turns up the soil about two inches down, and pops all the big ones up to the surface. Which is all well and good… but that means that we have even MORE rocks. Everything softball size and larger must be hand-picked before we can rock hound the field, and what with butchering this weekend and Mr. Caffeinated working 80-hour weeks all summer long, plus the usual canning and preserving… I am in dire need of a vacation! School – even homeschooling – if I can just do that, sounds like a vacation in comparison.

I’m just praying that we can get the ground work done before the rains start, and then some sorting out around the house… and then I want to just take a few weeks and be a homeschooling mom and not a homesteader.

And people wonder why farmer-types like winter!

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Our boy gets baptized

My oldest son was baptized this morning! Mr. Caffeinated did the honors, with coaching from the wings on his lines. We’ve been studying for quite some time, and after many family studies, Bible camp, and input from many Sunday School and Wednesday evening programs, he finally decided to take the plunge, so to speak.

baptized boy compressed

We’re very proud and thankful. God is good!

To watch the video, click here.

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The walk to the woods

“Come see what we did!!!”



Junior thinks any excursion involving a wagon is a bonus.

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I am SO proud of my student, Rachel!!

She took first place at the Regionals for the Assembly of God Fine Arts competition. Festival. Whatever. And got invited to Nationals for the second time.

The first round was on Tuesday. She got a Superior, and scored 38 out of 40. We found out Thursday that she had advanced to the playoffs.

Tonight, at the Awards Ceremony – attended by 10,000 people in Columbus, Ohio, it was announced, first, that there were three finalists, and Rachel was one of them.

Then they announced that she was the WINNER! FIRST PLACE!

AND THEN they told her to come up; she was going to play! AND SHE DID!!!

You can see the video here.

The announcement of winners in the piano solo division is at 1:08:00.  Rachel plays at 1:41:00.


To make it that much more fun – I was in the middle of trying to find the paperwork for our reservation of chicken butchering equipment at the co-op, which was closing in a half hour, when my phone beeped.  Mrs. M, who is all the way across the country in Virginia, texted me:  “Rachel just won first place at National Fine Arts!!”

… at which the equipment thing went completely out of my head.  I screamed – and four people came running to see what happened, while I scrambled around trying to get my computer to show the live streaming.  Which it wouldn’t.  Had to wait for Mr. Caffeinated to get home, and then scrambled around some MORE trying to find her on the stream.  Turned out she hadn’t played yet.  BUT – I was watching live when she did!

SO proud.

SO thrilled.

SO! …. so!

Does anyone have a ladder?  I’m eventually gonna have to get down off of Cloud Nine, here.  But I do think I’ll stay the night.


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The Moose gets a race

For those who wonder if the Moose EVER gets to do anything fun, (being four is SUCH a drag when you have older siblings!) – why, yes.  He did.

Bro has a Porsche.


It’s not a NEW Porsche.  It must be pushing 25 or 30 years old.  But it still drives niiice.


Unk took nephy for a drag race down the block.  Probably startled a few horses outta their wits, but was tremendously enjoyed by the peanut gallery in the passenger seat.

Of course, now he wants one.

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