Chocolate chip cookies in the name of science

I was forced – forced, I tell you – to bake chocolate chip cookies.  They were calling out to me from the ether, or my subconscious, or the Internet, which is more likely.

I felt compelled to first try out a gluten-free, dairy-free recipe that’s been hanging out on the front of my fridge.  (That’s where the idea must have come from.  Of course.)

cookies GF DF

These were pretty good.  The recipe is from Danielle Walker’s “Against All Grain” – you can find the post about it here.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say that they are indistinguishable from the original, white-flour-and-butter recipe, but they’re certainly quite edible.

I also got to try out a new toy.

cookies toy

We picked this up at Restaurant Depot a few weeks back.  It is The Bomb when it comes to scooping cookie dough.  I’ve been making cookies without it for more than 20 years, and I do not want to go back to my pre-scoop dark ages ever again.

I decided I needed a side by side comparison of the GF/DF recipe with the original, for taste comparison.  Then I decided I ought to mess with my original recipe.  Which, I know, invalidates the whole scientific purpose of a comparison study of new-versus-original, but it was after 10 PM at that point, and hey, it’s just cookies, right?

My original comes from the 1963 Betty Crocker “Cooky Book“.  My mom had this book in her recipe cabinet when I was growing up.  She wouldn’t let me kidnap it when I moved out, either.  When Betty Crocker decided to re-release it, (something about used versions making beoucoup bucks on eBay), I snatched up a copy so fast that the ink hadn’t dried yet, metaphorically speaking in an Amazon preorder kind of way.

The original recipe calls for half shortening, half butter.  I hate shortening, so I’ve been using all butter for years now.  This results in a flat, but incredibly tasty cookie.

The thought crossed my mind as I looked at the recipe… what about half lard?  Since I, you know.  Have lard.  In the freezer.  I’ve taught two hog farmers how to render lard, did you know?  True story.  Anyway.  Off to the freezer to find the lard.  And make cookies.


They are pretty good.  I’ll probably stick with all-butter, since the lard definitely has its own flavor and rather overpowers the butter.  Not in a bad way… just different.  They’re quite tasty.

I figure these are probably the cookie to offend all parties though:  they have gluten, dairy, eggs, and LARD.  I expect the lightening to strike any minu




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Future Tree Climber

Ready to ascend to the heights.



Won’t someone give me a boost, here?!


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Jack in the Box

Junior has a new toy.



Or, should I say… new game?





Seriously, it’s the biggest giggle-fest going.



Talk about your round pegs and square holes.



… and then he dismounted by tipping the whole thing over, and bit through his bottom lip.

But it was fun while it lasted!

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Sweet old truck: Cool Old Cars #3

Someday, when I have a midlife crisis, I want me one of these.


Wish I’d gotten a picture of the truck bed.  Wood slats, pristine condition.  And the brake pedal is round!


I might even start washing my car regularly.



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Keep Dreamin’, Darlin': Cool Old Cars #2

Candy Red hot-rod.  Can outrun most cop cars.  Has vintage plates.

Said vintage plates once caused said car to be pulled over by state patrol.  At least, that was his excuse.  As an excuse, it looked a little thin after he asked if he could take a peek under the hood, and then drooled.


If you think we’re going to get you one of these when you turn 16, dream on!



I want a joyride!


Drool, drool


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Cool Old Cars, #1: Model A

One of our friends in Eastern Washington collects and restores vintage automobiles.  We heard that the Model A was going to be sold – so we had to go see it before it went away.

Such a cool car.  I wish I could go for a ride in it!


We saw two Model T’s on the road in Snohomish the other day.  I wouldn’t want to take one for a trip over the pass, but I’d LOVE to go for a joy ride in one of these.



The other day, the kids and I were discussing technology, just after we spotted the Model T’s.  Natter wanted to know if I’d ever played on my parents’ cell phone in the car as a kid.

“No, honey, we didn’t have cell phones back then.”

Rosebud:  “Did your family drive a Model T?”

At some point, they’ll get my generation triangulated…

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Birthday Girl

It gets harder every year to blow all those out.  How is it that she got so big so fast??


I cheated this year – I let her pick out her cake rather than make one.  Costco cheesecake – so yummy.

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