My brother came up and took Natter and Rosebud karting.  They now believe that he is the coolest uncle ever, at least for this week.

Rosebud had the track to herself:



Uncle and nephew got to take on each other.


Uncle, however, has been karting for 3+ decades, and is somewhat more of an ace at the sport.

They went to a track in Mulkilteo; it apparently has a kids’ track and a grown-up track.  This is now a go-to for extra-special treats as far as my kids are concerned.  Natter enjoyed his birthday treat for sure.

I’m thinking its a good thing I didn’t go; I’m sure I’d have had another of those ‘mommy moments’ where you just want to buckle them back up in their infant carseats and encase them in bubble wrap.

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Startin’ early

“I’ve seen those big kids using these to mark stuff up…”


“Once I’ve got that mastered, I can conquer the walls, and my dominion will be complete!”


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Big girls can play with big Tonka toys

We’re trenching again… this time because we need new footing drains and gutter drains. Water in the crawl space is so 1800’s.

Our superhero brought us an excavator, and Rosebud got into the action.


See her in action here!

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Crazy Days

At least a half dozen varieties of nuttiness has been going on around here. This week’s variety involves the chickens.

The first batch of broilers arrived four weeks ago. It dawned on me last week that the second batch will be arriving really soon, and that we didn’t have the chicken tractors ready for the first set to move into.  Four days of frantic labor later, we had them ready to go and waiting to travel to the neighbor’s, where the broilers are actually being raised.

This morning, the hatchery’s automated phone message said that the next set of chicks were on their way.

We were late getting out of the house for church.  A half-mile down the road, we passed the mailman driving like a bat out of … a barn… the opposite direction.

Huh.  Mailman.  Sunday.  Driving like a maniac.  You don’t suppose…

Mr. Caffeinated flipped a U-turn and we investigated.  Sure enough, the mail truck was in our driveway.  We asked if we had a package.

“Yep.  On the front porch.”

Was it chirping?

Chirping? Uh… no?”

What’s up with the Sunday delivery?

“Oh – that’s a brand new thing.”

(I thought the USPS needed to drop a day of deliveries for budget reasons, not add one, but whatever.)  Upon investigation, the package revealed a book ordered from Amazon a day or two prior.  I have never been so happy to see a book get delivered in my life.

Hearts still racing, we set off for church… late, but SO thankful that we weren’t dealing with 100 chicks without being quite ready for them.  This evening, the tractors were moved into place, the broilers transferred, and the brooder readied for batch #2.

Whew.  And… what’s next?

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Siblings in Tandem

Pictures of parenting bliss:





Now if they would just be that peaceful ALL of the time!

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Driving School

Caution: Student Driver


For the new design for driving school vehicles, we are apparently placing the instructor in a rear ejection seat for quick escapes.

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Today’s News:

The Moose has come up with a new drive train design for the embattled Bertha drilling machine in Seattle.


He’s also come up with an adjustable truss design for farm structures, pictured on the lower right.

His dream project: creating a random password generator for hacking into the family computer, so that he may enjoy uninterrupted bliss on his favorite site, Reading Eggs.


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